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How To Win in Suncity Casino|my

[ 30-07-2018 ]
How To Win in Suncity Casino
Suncity casino online Malaysia is a popular online casino and is making its way to the top spot in the gambling arena. Suncity has been famous since the time when gambling started sprouting up in Malaysia. SCR99 is a gambling site that you can trust. You can find all access to all types of games like live casino, sports bet, slot games, etc. Suncity is also known as Club Suncity and Clubsuncity. You will find a plethora of games in a Suncity casino.
A Suncity casino includes slot games and many other casino games. Suncity brings in new innovation to its game, giving the gamblers something new every time they play. You can download this game both to the desktop or mobile and play it in the comfort of our home. The advantages of playing in a Suncity casino are that it has stunning graphics, flexibility, and progressive jackpots that are glamorous in nature. In addition to this, you get your hands on a large number of Suncity casino slot game that is like the ones you will find in an arcade. You can play Suncity slot machines on Suncity slot android and iOS devices.

Ocean king 2

The best game in Suncity is Ocean King 2. Ocean king comes under the category of being an arcade game.  It is a popular game that has been around since 2016. It is a hunter fish game in an online casino interface. It has a laser gun that is high on power. Ocean King 2 is the second generation of Ocean king.

Steps to play

The steps to play Ocean King are that you have to choose a gun and that shoot with it. If you shoot the target i.e. the golden dragon fish with the gun you will get an amazing payout. However, in Ocean King 2 the game fish list contains a total of 17 fish and a number of other species. You have to capture all these species in a given time with a weapon that is high on power.  

Odds available

The odds available in Ocean King 2 are a high-level odds and low-level odds. The values given to the fish characters are adjustable to these two odds level.



The bonus offered by Ocean King 2 at some sites offer the bonus of 30% that is called the Welcome bonus. The top-up bonus is up to a maximum of 15%.

Three Kingdoms

Another game that comes under Suncity is Three kingdom, which is a slot game that is played online. The gameplay is easy to grasp and comes with graphics that are very simple. You can win countless free games, free bonus, and free spin if you play this game.

Steps to play

It contains a total of 9 lines slot. You have to get a winning combination from right to left or/and left to right. The highest value symbol is of Chinese weapon, 3 kingdom flags, and Chinese seal stone.    

Odds available

The chances of winning the Three kingdoms games is in the form of a ratio. It is featured win divided by total bets equivalent to the total times of the total bets that you placed.


In Three kingdom slot games, you can get offered the various odds will be at a maximum of x20. This happens when there are 5 symbols present. If there are a total of five gates, the odds will be x300. There will be an automatic play of a bonus game.

Animal Band

The last game that we are going to talk about that also comes under Suncity is Animal Band.  There are animal characters in its theme. The game is high on quality design and contains 3D animation. In addition to this, the background music is delightful. You also win awesome payouts. People really like this game due to its amazing features. As the traditional slots game is kind of dull, that is not the case with this game. You can also win an alluring jackpot in this one.    

Steps to play

The Animal Band game is a slot game that contains animal characters. This incorporation makes the Animal Band much more interactive making the players love it even more. This attractive game will surely give you a thrilling experience.

Odds available

There is nothing much that has been said about this game but it is a must try when it comes to Suncity casino games.  You can give it a try to play an alluring slot game that is different from others in many ways.


You can get a welcome bonus in Animal band game that will help you in various ways. The game comes with a ‘bet small win big’ feature.   


Suncity games in a Suncity casino is a very easy game that you can win. It is a must play when it comes to playing Suncity games. If you want to play this game, you can go to SCR99 and register yourself to play in a Suncity casino and get the most out of Ocean King 2, three kingdoms, and animal band. You can also play suncity casino slot game on Suncity slot machines. It can be played on Suncity slot android or iOS if you want to play Suncity casino online Malaysia.
You will get brief information about benefits and free bonuses available after you register. So do try Suncity the next time you want to indulge in some casino playing experience online. Playing online is always better than going to a land-based casino and you must give these games a try if you wish too. You will have an immersive experience and you will have fun playing these games right from the comfort of your home that is so easy and convenient.  You can access these casino games from any place you like.