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Online Baccarat Game Guide 2018|en

Online Baccarat Game Guide 2018
[ 26-05-2018 ]
Online Baccarat Game Guide 2018
Baccarat is a favorite casino card game that all casino fans love to play. The game is exciting and fun to play and is liked by most players. No wonder the online version of the game is as popular as the land-based one. Here is a guide to the Baccarat casino game.  

Live Baccarat

live baccart

As a high rollers’ game, casino game Baccarat is always in demand. Hence it is not surprising to find it being the first casino game in liver dealer form by online casinos in Singapore. The game is simple yet attention-grabbing with its exciting gameplay, which is the reason for most online casinos featuring it in some form or other. Most casinos in Singapore offer the single player PuntoBanco Baccarat game. Some offer multi-seat tables. The rest of the game is taken care of by Banker, Tie, Bet Player and the Baccarat dealer. If you are looking for variations of the staple Baccarat strategy, you can find some casinos offering baccarat versions such as Bonus Baccarat, Super 6 Baccarat and In-Running Baccarat.  

What is live Baccarat?


If you want to experience the ambience of playing in a land-based casino, while playing in the live casino games online, the live dealer Baccarat is what you need. This Baccarat casino game is a spectacular online format where you get to connect with a real dealer. The experience will be even more exciting and awesome as you get to play your favorite casino game without leaving your home. This live casino game is made possible by live video streaming. Multiple cameras are placed all around the Baccarat table. This presents the player the actual game in real time, as the dealer makes the moves you ask for. You can also interact with the dealer and ask any queries you have about the game. The dealer will answer all y our questions. Live dealer in the Baccarat casino game online allow you to an up-close view of the Casino without moving anywhere. You can find everything needed for the game displayed in full view. This makes the game fully transparent. Further, you can also have complete control over the Baccarat game online including your gambling preferences and the Baccarat strategy you want to use.  

Reason to play live baccarat online

Live dealer Baccarat online casino game is the perfect live casino game in Singapore. Here are a few important reasons:


It brings the real casino experience with the convenience of playing from your own home. Instead of visiting a live casino, you get the casino to come to you, which is a great advantage. You do not have to worry about conforming to a specific dress code or the time taken to commute to and from the casino. Further, you can choose the dress code, music, lighting and vibes making it a highly personalized experience without any of the hassle associated with a land-based casino.

Real Human Dealer

Usually, the software used for virtual Casino game Baccarat online lacks the vital and most exciting part, which is the real dealer. However, this is no longer true now. Live Baccarat online casino game in Singapore provides real banker who will make the deals and the moves all in real time. This can be viewed via live video streaming. The dealer has a microphone and headset allowing you to chat with him and ask him any query you have and get the answers instantly just as in the land-based game.

Choice of Dealers

Live dealer Baccarat games is all the more exciting as you can also pick the dealer of your choice. You can select from the various women and men decked up to impress you. All of them are eager and ready to deal when you choose them.


Many people steer away from playing online casino games because they believe that all online casinos are rigged. With the live dealer Baccarat online casino game you need not have any such worries. The live casino games will eliminate the problem of rigged casino software. When you play the live games at a reputed and recommended casino online in Singapore, you can cease to worry about being cheated at the game.  

Basic rules of live baccarat online

Game Play

Baccarat strategy is easy and simple to grasp. Here are some tips: When you place the bet, two hands of two cards are dealt which goes to the player and the Banker or the house or dealer. The main target in the game is scoring as close to nine in three cards maximum.

Card values are as follows:

card value

Drawing rules

If the player or banker receives a 9 or 8 in the first two hands, it is considered as natural hand, and no other cards are drawn. The winner is the one with the higher number.

Player drawing rules:

Player stands when the score is 6 or 7 Player draws when the score is 5 or lesser

Banker/Dealer drawing rules:

If the player stands, the dealer follows similar rules as mentioned above. If player draws, banker may draw another card or refrain from drawing. The following chart wil.l help to know how the banker draws:

player draw table

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