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Tips On Winning Random Jackpot|en

Tips On Winning Random Jackpot
[ 16-01-2018 ]
Tips On Winning Random Jackpot

Do you want to win a random jackpot? For this article/news we are going to give you a few tip how to win a random jackpot more than one time in a week !

Looks hard right?, Winning a Random Jackpot many times, but for me it's not hard. The reason I gotten  Random Jackpot more than 3 times in a week. I know the secret, I will teach you all how to win Random jackpot 918Kiss now

To win this random jackpot, you have to lose first, as I lost around RM1500, after that I receive a random jackpot. Like most 918Kiss agent, they will tell player to lose first, conly you are able to win. Here's what I want to say, to win your jackpot you need a certain amount of bankroll too. Try following the steps I give below,

1. You need a bankroll from RM1000 - RM2000, and yoi should lose first. no matter what or how much you lost, do not ever change any agent or casino 1. Example;
(you deposit RM100 on agent 1, after you lose the game here do not go to agent 2 and play 918Kiss on agent 2, stay at agent 1 until you get random jackpot)

2. To know the random jackpot which you want to drop randomly, you have to look at the random values ​​found in one of the games in 918Kiss. Usually, the random jackpot will easily fall when the random jackpot value is worth RM2000 to RM5000. If the random jackpot is higher than the RM5000, do not play on the certain game. The random jackpot value will return at RM1000 after it falls.

3. Watch every random jackpot game, if the value on the random jackpot changes with value or its value rises to a weird speed, the game will 100% drop the random jackpot. But the random jackpot can not mean that it will affect you or others. Of course, random will fall. 
p / s random jackpot may drop to new player when they have a first deposit

4. If you have and have won the random jackpot and win again, you can switch to another agent. Do not play in the same place where you win a random jackpot. The conditions do not play using the same phone as the phone you ever won jackpot, try another phone or try using a PC or laptop to play.

The above tips are top of my experience of winning the random jackpot this month at 2 times each worth RM2800 and RM3900. Surely if you have a random jackpot, your phone will be JAM around 10 seconds, you wont be able to press the back button,spin button. BOOM ! You got a random jackpot