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How to play Fishing Game/Ocean King2|en

How to play Fishing Game/Ocean King2
[ 01-01-2018 ]
How to play Fishing Game/Ocean King2

Ocean King 2 / Shoot Fish - The new Monster's Revenge and available at SuncityMobi is a 6-player fish game that has been a glorious victory among players who are impressed with the previous game's performance, Ocean King.

The main component of the game is the screen that supports game graphics that support the colour to the game's character and level and add to the tranquility and detail. This game is very interesting and filled with action and is fun for people who watch the game and the person who plays this game. Each level presents new and different challenges which make this game interesting at every level.

New features of Fish Shoot
Ocean King 2 (Shoot Fish) has retained all the original game features including Overlord Whale, Chain Lightning and so on. There are many characters from the original game back, roughly in 16 characters. There are several mini games, characters and features that have been added to Ocean King 2 so players can get a complete package. With the same game controls and transitional effects, Ocean King players will feel very familiar to play the sequel version as well.

Among the characters back in the Ocean King 2 (Shoot Fish) that the players favored were Snapper and Whale Killer. Together with returning characters, players can also choose to play with newly introduced characters such as Giant Fish and Fire Dragon.

The new and improved feature of BOSS is an eye opener for everyone who wants to play Ocean King 2: Monster Revenge. This new feature brings the four characters mentioned above into the game. All characters can be selected by the player when they turn on the game. And with new characters, there is a new weapon. Ocean King 2 (Shoot Fish) has three great weapons that can be used by any player at any level and level of the game together with the familiar Lock Gun, Gun Tube and Fish Net. This new weapon is perfect for shooting bigger fish and has plenty of time / money to do it. The weapons are:

Drill Cannon - Cannon Rockets around the game screen causes damage to everything before it and then stops moving to explode.

Flamestrike De-Buff - This weapon appears randomly and comes with a time limit in which the player should use it to get an advanced catch or multiple score to catch or kill fish.

Chain Explosion Crab - This is an old Old Crab game version with three blasts and the same speed. With a maximum limit of x10 credits, this weapon can defeat all the fish around it.


How To Win at Fish Hunter Game mini game
Ocean King 2 (Shoot Fish) offers an amazing new mini game known as Battle in the Golden City. Players can play this mini game at no extra cost in which they are within a predefined timeframe which must shoot a fish and will be followed by unlimited scoring options. Additionally, they will also get interesting rewards and others that can be used in the main game.

This Fishing minigame has many features that can be adjusted using coordinators to make Ocean King 2 more suited to existing locations such as sound effects, shooting time limits, payment features, background music, possibilities, opportunity levels and so on. With the very first game popular in arcades and casinos around the world, people have high hopes of the new Ocean King 2. This is because it attracts players every day with better payout, weapons and fish!