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Tips on how to play highway king on SCR888/918Kiss|en

Tips on how to play highway king on SCR888/918Kiss
[ 03-12-2017 ]
Tips on how to play highway king on SCR888/918Kiss

When you play SCR888 online casino, you can win as much as possible in your game slot. You do not want to spin and lose money - you want to WIN! Highway Kings is one of the most popular slot games. The icons are big logs and trucks, where it adds to the overall theme. There are some tips that you can do each time you log in to win this game.


Play All The Lines
Overall there are 9 lines in this game. This means there are 9 ways to win five rounds. You can choose the number of lines you want to play. If you can only play one line, it will limit the way you can win. The goal is to try and win in each round - so you have to play all 9 lines.

9 lines multiplied by your bet amount for one line. This means that reducing the amount of money you put on a line is better, if you can afford to pay all the lines.

Check Out at Payout
You should check out at the Desk Payment before you start at Highway Kings. In this way, when you are in the online casino SCR888, you will know what you will get for the different combinations listed on the screen.

The big red truck is a "Wild" symbol and is labeled so. It is a great icon to look for as it will help you to get the symbols 3.4 and 5 in succession. You will be closer to winning the "Big Win" that will appear on the screen so you can see more money that will appear on your actual savings account.

Use the Top Spots in Your Circles
The "Max Bet" button is a feature you should use, as long as it is still within your budget. This will cause you to make Max Bet in this game, multiplied by 9 lines. The advantage is that it gives you the greatest opportunity to win it - with the greatest amount. Furthermore, you will earn great profits - otherwise you will only be limited to small prizes.

You can go to SCR888 online casino anytime, especially Highway Kings, you want to use your time and money as best you can. That's why you are encouraged to follow some tips. You can also browse YouTube, where there are several people uploading their videos to play. In this way, you will be able to understand the expected expectations when you get bonuses, a distribution, and various other features built into this game.

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